Client Feedback (exec search)

We decided the best thing to do was to ask those who have worked with us since we started. Here are some comments we received from clients, who will be references on request:

“You make a real effort to understand the hiring organisation, the culture and the role. Everyone says they do this, but few really take the time.”

“Perhaps your biggest difference…you do the work yourselves rather that “selling” to the client and then passing to a junior person to do the work. The consequence is a much tighter shortlist of well assessed candidates.”

“A real ability to think out of the box and present candidates that are not always the most obvious, which represents an opportunity for the client to open their thinking as well. It also provides candidates with a pathway into new roles that conventional headhunters would not offer.”

“Archer Mann’s USP is always the quality of the candidates presented. You do not make up numbers for the sake of and so we know they will be strong candidates for the position.”

“Your weekly reports provide transparency and we know at all times, the status of our assignment.”

“You have the experience to act as a partner on behalf of your clients, with a deep knowledge of the client and industry sector. All candidates have given us positive feedback on this.”

“I have 100% trust that you will always deliver on assignments.”