Finding great leaders

We’re experts at finding outstanding talent for key leadership roles in your business

Pro-active career management

Our vast experience helps us to assess your individual business needs and deliver the right person for the job

Executive search and career coaching

Archer Mann is a boutique executive search firm focused on providing a high quality, personalised service to our clients.

We believe that it’s our job not only to find outstanding talent for key leadership roles, but also to help our clients make better, more informed decisions around these appointments.

At Archer Mann, we seek to gain a deeper understanding of the issues and market dynamics that drive a client’s executive hiring needs. That means doing work upfront wherever necessary to understand the dynamics of the industry, the issues and challenges associated with this specific appointment, the expectations of the role, and what are the personal characteristics that will make the new person successful in the position. Most importantly, we focus on the culture of the organisation itself. How can we make sure the new hire will enhance and enrich the existing culture of the client we are representing?

We always invest time and effort upfront to get these things right so that we can present the client with valuable insight and a range of options from which to make their choice. It’s hard work, but that’s why our clients appreciate what we do.

You have the experience to act as a partner on behalf of your clients, with a deep knowledge of the client and industry sector. All candidates have given us positive feedback on this.

October 31, 2016