Vice President – Strategy and Business Transformation


Vice President – Strategy and Business Transformation for a global leader in the speciality chemicals sector. Reporting to the CEO and to be based in Geneva or New Jersey.


The company had completed a major strategic review to review growth opportunities, product development, internal processes, culture, and market competitiveness with the objective to create a five year plan to become market leader across a range of key measures. It set this out in a transformation agenda, approved at board level and led by the executive team.

The organisation decided to appoint a senior , experienced executive to lead the program and to co-ordinate the various initiatives required for successful implementation. The individual would require experience implementing a major global transformation of the same scale plus the strategic and interpersonal skills necessary to bring the organisation together around the need for change and transformation.


Archer Mann met with the CEO and other members of the Exec. Team to understand the transformation agenda and the requirements for the person to lead it. This included background to the requirements for change, the key initiatives and expected outcomes.  We also reviewed the specific experiences and skills that would be required to successfully undertake such a role.

As it was a new role there was some uncertainty regarding the background and industry experience required, so this meeting was very important to determine the search scope and process. Archer Mann then produced the initial job description which was signed off by the CEO and his team, and then produced a target list of sectors, organisations and the position we would approach regarding the role. The initial list was quite broad to reflect the wish to look across a number of sectors and organisations where such a transformation had been successfully undertaken.

The search team was agreed and then began the process of identifying experienced individuals to enter into discussion with, based on the assignment brief produced by Archer Mann. The discussion were informative additionally as we were able to speak with people who had done such a role and learn from the critical requirements for success in such a transformation, which we could share directly with our client. The client was updated with a weekly report, providing candidate background and other relevant feedback.

A long list of 12 candidates was finalised reflecting the diversity required as well as the global scope. The long list included 7 different nationalities, based in Europe, the Far East and US. As the client wanted to meet several different candidates for the role, 6 were selected for interview by the CEO and key executives.

The overall quality of the short list was strong, resulting in a broad consensus that these were the candidates the company was hoping for. After a lot of discussion it was narrowed down to 2, and after further meetings the final candidate identified. Archer Mann facilitated discussions with the candidate, took up direct, high level references and the appointment was made within three months of starting the search process.


A very experienced, female candidate was appointed based in the company’s New Jersey location. She successfully led the Transformation and strategic initiatives for the organisation over a number of years with excellent feedback regarding contribution and cultural fit with the company.